Welcome to Fiera Private Lending

Fiera Private Lending creates and manages a portfolio of funds that provide bridge financing for construction projects, financing for real estate investments and short-term business loans, primarily in Quebec but increasingly in Ontario, Alberta and, going forward, other regions of Canada. Its strategies are of particular interest to private-wealth clients seeking to further diversify their holdings. Fiera Private Lending was formed in November 2016 with the acquisition of Centria Commerce Inc., an established non-bank lender and investment manager that has provided more than $2 billion in financing since its inception and now serves as the firm’s in-house private-lending platform. Fiera Capital had worked closely with Centria Commerce since 2008, and almost all of Centria’s net assets under management at the time of the acquisition formed part of Fiera Capital’s existing client assets and are accounted for in the Diversified Lending Fund.

The seasoned team leading Fiera Private Lending brings a strong set of competencies, including crucial expertise in research, underwriting and loan origination along with proven execution capabilities, which will benefit investors and Fiera Capital shareholders by delivering attractive returns. Its strategies include an open-ended Real Estate Financing Fund and an open-ended Business Financing Fund that addresses an underserved market niche for short-term corporate money. Fiera Private Lending is currently a partner in more than $1 billion of active projects. Its assets under management as at December 31st, 2017, totalled  over $500 million.

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