Firm Profile

“Our seasoned team of professionals is renowned for its expertise in research, underwriting and loan origination combined with top-of-class governance and risk management to protect capital on behalf of its investors while delivering attractive returns.”

About Us
Fiera Private Lending, a subsidiary of Fiera Capital Corporation, acting as manager and creator of Funds, is a leading Canadian non-bank lender. The subsidiary’s role essentially involves deploying the capital of investors who are looking for higher yields and lower volatility. Its focus is lending to real estate developers or property owners and mid-market businesses across Canada. Having successfully established its financing teams in Toronto in 2017, its reach has now extended beyond its original Quebec base. With more than $2.750 billion in loans completed since inception, the assets under management as at December 31, 2018, totalled $550 million, while maintaining a high profit margin and yield over its benchmark.